How far will you travel?

We are available for hire nationwide, but you could incur charges to cover fuel, travel and/or accommodation costs for bookings further than what would be classed as reasonable distance.

Can we pick the songs that you play?

We have a considerable sized and varied repertoire  Having spent years performing at events and weddings we know how to structure the sets lists to get people dancing and keep people dancing.  Of course if there is a particular song that we know that you’d like us to include, please let us know.

Can I play my own ipod/music through the PA before, in-between & after sets?

No, unfortunately due to our insurance requirements we are unable to allow devices that have not been tested to be connected to our equipment. However, with plenty of notice in advance we can fulfil your song requests.

Can I have some background music to play before the evening entertainment/during drinks/canapes?

Yes, we have options to add to your package, please contact for prices.

Can I use the Mic/PA for speeches?

Yes, this is included in pricing. Please confirm at time of booking.

Will you provide stage lighting?

Yes, this is included in the fee.

Can I have Song Requests (IN ADVANCE)?

Of Course.

Engagements outside Great Britain.

At this time we are unable to act outside of the UK. Please check back here in the future.