What You Get:


  • 4 hours of music

  • The very best PA equipment

  • Stage lighting where required.

  • All of our transportation costs to and from the event.

  • Public liability insurance up to £10m.


  • Once we have agreed and discussed your needs, and both parties are happy with them, we will send out a contract for you to sign so you can relax and look forward to some quality  entertainment. We use contracts on all our bookings for yours, and our peace of mind.


  • 20% of fee to secure your booking.  Payable by BACS upon return of a signed contract. Deposit is non-refundable.


  • Remaining payment to be paid by BACS transfer 14 days days prior to the event.


  • It is highly recommended that we are able to perform a soundcheck before performance for at least 15 mins to make sure that the sound is as you expect it to be. This is normally done during set-up and is included in the set-up times below. Please make sure this is in agreement with the venue if earlier set-up’s are involved, so please make sure with them if this is the case.

Set-up Times:

            0.5-1 hours if access to the room is good.


  • We would most prefer an area as close to the stage/performance area as possible to unload all equipment as well as free local parking.

Standard Arrival Time:

  • 4 p.m. An earlier setup can be arranged at a fee, please contact for prices.

Standard Finish Time:

  • 12 a.m. A later than 12 a.m. finish can be arranged at a fee (subject to venue location), please contact for prices.

Power Requirements:

  •          We must have access to a minimum of 4 separate 13 amp sockets.
  •          We will not use more than 6000 Watts (6K) of power (including lighting).
  •           Sockets to be no more than 10 meters from performance area.

Food/Drinks Requirements:

  • A meal for EVERY member of the crew . FREE mineral water, soft drinks, tea/coffee for the duration of the  stay on premises. This would be much appreciated as most of the time crew run 14-16 hour days, leaving in the early afternoon and not arriving back at home until the early hours of the next morning.

Venue Noise Limiters/Restrictions:

  • Venues around the UK may use limiters to maintain their entertainment license. Due to the unpredictability of these we will be unable to perform in any venue that uses noise limiters.